Water Filter Solutions

For Individuals

| Get pure water directly from the tap, without decantation time. An ideal alternative to the filter pitcher!​

You want to treat water from local water companies ?


The AEG Premium filter allows you to drink the water from your water company without impurities, without the taste or smell of chlorine, without bromate, and without bacteria! Its filtration capacity lets nothing through. 
No longer worry about the quality of water from SAUR or another provider, the AEG Premium filter guarantees you a safe, healthy, and pure drinking water.
Filtration capacity: 0.5 µ
Replacement: 6 months or 7500L
Sewer discharge: no
Treats impurities

Chlorine (taste and smell), bromate, chlordecone, lead, medication residues, bacteria, pesticides and herbicides, mud, sand, etc…

You want to treat water from cistern ?


Owners or renters, do you have a water tank or want to drink the purest water possible? Only the Edro Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis System and the HERO 385+ Wifi Reverse Osmosis System allow you to drink water filtered to over 99%. 
Depending on your intended use of collected rainwater, you will need to install a filtration system. 
Drinking filtered water from your tap allows you to combine savings and pleasure of drinking and cooking with a purer water. Goodbye chlorine, traces of nitrates, pesticides, bacteria, and hello to the true taste of water and its benefits.

Get pure water directly from the tap, without decantation time

An ideal alternative to the filter pitcher!

Reverse osmosis system

Water is subjected to a very strong pressure and passes through a porous membrane that retains all suspended particles and only lets water molecules pass through.
This allows for the separation of interfering particles from the water that one wants to consume.
These particles are constantly removed.
The purified water is called reverse osmosis water.
The osmosis system is the most recommended filtration system for treating rain water because it:
Purifies water
Removes more than 99% of bacteria, viruses, and harmful elements: all pollutants that other filtration techniques such as sand or activated carbon are unable to remove: inorganic pollutants, asbestos, chrome, copper, nitrates, salts, etc.

Attention, the osmosis system does not change the hardness of the water.

The household osmosis system is based on the principle of reverse osmosis. Water is pressurized before the first filtration step. This pressurization improves the filtration process: the water is stirred, oxygenated, and purified.
Most often, reverse osmosis is done in 4 filtration stages: one or more pre-filter(s), an activated carbon filter, the osmotic membrane (filtration to the millionth of a millimeter), and another activated carbon filter. The osmotic membrane is therefore surrounded by a pre- and post-filtration system to ensure maximum safety.
The osmosis system effectively removes sulfates, nitrates, heavy metals, and mineral salts. Osmosis system manufacturers assure that this device provides for “a 99% removal of impurities contained in rain water.” The osmosis system is therefore a truly complete filtration system.

Installing a rainwater osmosis system

Installing an osmosis system requires a connection system. The osmosis system is indeed responsible for discharging water into two separate conduits. On the one hand, it sends the filtered water that has become usable into a pipeline. On the other hand, it disposes of the water that was used for self-cleaning of the osmotic membrane into the initial rainwater cistern to avoid waste. This double connection is important to make.