Julien A.

| Simple, easy and quick to install product. Compact set under the sink. The cartridge is easy and quick to replace, the taste and smell changed instantly. I recommend it!

Alexandre B.

| Very happy with this purchase, I did not find a cheaper filter with such a high filtration capacity. I had a Brita pitcher but the consumables were more expensive for me. Here, the cost is only 60-70 € every 6 months.

Clément P.

| We have opted for the installation of an AEG filter which is also super efficient, we have stopped drinking water in plastic bottles so it is an eco-responsible investment, we have found pleasure in drinking high-quality water without impurities.

For people who have misconceptions about the lack of minerals, I would like to specify that it is false because we have them in our daily diet and specifically, the filtered water allows to preserve all the flavors of fruits and vegetables.

Manon L.

| Really happy with our filter, fairly easy to install if you know what you’re doing! Water quality is noticeably better with the filter. It’s a good investment, thank you Sebastian.