In truth, there are no criteria for defining the taste and smell that water should have. If we adhere to French regulations, it should be clear, transparent, balanced in minerals and pleasant to drink. It is also considered that to have a good taste, it should contain 0.1 to 0.5 g/l of minerals. On the subject of taste, the World Health Organization (WHO) simply says: “Water should be as pleasant to drink as circumstances permit.”

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For purer drinking water, the reverse osmosis water treatment system provides high-quality purified water, ideal for drinking and cooking food; the reverse osmosis system allows you to eliminate substances that alter the taste and smell of water such as chlorine. Our osmosis purifier removes most pollutants found in water such as nitrates, pesticides, herbicides, medicinal residues, endocrine disruptors, bromate, chlordecone… Heavy metals such as lead are also eliminated.

With our osmosis purifier, tap water is purified and the purchase of bottled water becomes unnecessary!

The lifespan of consumables depends on the quality of the filtered water (hardness level, acidity…) and the average water consumption of the household. On average, the pre and post filters of an osmosis purifier are changed every 6 months. As for the membrane, if the water hardness is above 15°f, its lifespan is on average 1 year.

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