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Our new HERO 385+ Osmosis system ensures even cleaner and healthier water thanks to its highly effective filters and membrane.

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Our new HERO 385+ reverse osmosis system offers even healthier and safer water, thanks to its high-efficiency filters and membrane. The system removes chlorine (taste and smell), dissolved substances, cysts and sediment. It removes more than 99% of lead. It also reduces medication residues, nitrates, copper and harmful chemicals such as arsenic.

Our water treatment system includes three stages of filtration to ensure optimal quality. The first stage removes sediment and other impurities, while the second uses a semi-permeable membrane to separate remaining pollutants from the water. Finally, the new high-performance post-treatment filter removes unwanted tastes and odors and improves the water quality before it leaves the tap. All of this is stored in a tank until it is used.

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2 reviews for HERO 385+ Osmosis
  1. sebeau (store manager)

    Great service, quick response and our water filter is delivered on time. It is also great to actually work with a company that remembers who we are when we call. Keep up the good work!

  2. sebeau (store manager)

    Thank you so much for your wonderful service. Service is everything you would expect from a local company. We have 10 people here in our house and 1 dog and we all thank you. And everyone loves the water.

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